Residential New Home Construction

Custom House Plans

Building your new home is exciting, especially when you understand how the process works.

Homeowners enjoy watching the home come together, from designing the home, pouring the foundation to framing and watching the home take shape. Once the home has drywall, you start to visualize living in the space and how you'll use it – imagining what furniture goes where and how you'll entertain friends and family there.

You spend a great deal of time designing the home to be unique to your family needs and lifestyle so seeing it all come together is rewarding.

After you have purchased your property the design process begins. Fitting the house to the property and slope of the hill if there is any.

How many bedrooms do you need? How many square feet do you want it? What features do you want in the house and so on...

After you have decided on the design and style of the house you need to have the plans drawing up so you can get bids from contractors for the construction.

The plans will need to be approved by the County so you can get a building permit to start construction.

I am asked to write this letter of recommendation regarding Gary Fadness of Buglin Heights Drafting. I have known Gary for many years and he has done multiple projects for me. He has helped design both residential as well as commercial projects for me. We have been happy with all of Gary's work and he has an exceptional ability to visualize and implement innovative designs. With respect to our current office building, Gary designed a architecturally distinct building that has extreme curb appeal as well as function and design on the interior. I would highly recommend Gary with anything associated with both residential and commercial design. He works well with local engineers in designing structurally sound and functional buildings as well architecturally appealing designs.

If you have questions feel free to contact me.

Jay N. Gade, MD, PhD, PC
Dermatology & Laser Center of Roseburg